Advanced Text Analytics

Businesses are interacting with customers more than ever. Most businesses feel the pressure to be omnichannel and omnipresent. Text analysis helps businesses analyze huge quantities of text-based data in a scalable, consistent and unbiased manner.


Advanced Text Analytics

Given that 80% of business information is mostly unstructured textual data, this form of intelligent automation has become crucial for the modern enterprise to attract, engage and satisfy customers while staying ahead of the competition.


Customer Conversation Analytics

Customer communication data can be digested at scale and analysed to find data-driven insights for customer service teams to outperform their KPIs.


Automate Ticket Routing, Prioritization and Tagging

Automate and prioritize ticket routing to the appropriate representative based on the customer, problem and urgency of the ticket contents


Financial Trading

Intent recognition and Spoken Language Understanding services for detecting user intents (e.g. “buy”, “sell”, etc) from short utterances can help to guide traders in deciding what to trade, how much and how quickly.


Lead Generation

person tweets that they are interested in a certain product or service, text analytics can discover this & feed this info to a sales rep who can then pursue this prospect and convert them into a customer.



Mining news and blog articles, forum postings and other sources could help to evaluate potential hires.


Review Sites

Text Analysis can be used here to build tools that can summarize multiple properties in 2–3 word phrases. Understanding CX based on factors valuable to improve products, and services.

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