Introducing futureanalytica

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Natural Language Processing

Salient Features!

1. Multiple language support

FutureAnalytica supports multiple lanugages for classification, tagging, building predictive models

With pre-built multiple language models futureanalytica can process multiple languages to build custom machine learning and AI models. AI text models developed can be deployed by sophisticated ML Ops for business integration.

2. Sentiment Analysis

Fine-grained Analysis | Emotion detection | Multilingual analysis | Multiple Intent Analysis

Deeper insights about to identify who talks about a product and what exactly a person talks about in their feedback. Analyze consumer opinions and feelings in the original language in which they were expressed.

3. Deep AI model insights

Get automated AI model insights that captures insights at macro level to micro level.

AI platform automatically develops AI models insights for hundred of models you create. These insights give you information for data scientists, business executive, data engineers and so on. The platform suggest the best model to be deployed.

4. Batch and Real time Prediction

Generate batch and real time prediction with simple click to get AI result and insight on your data

FutureAnalytica provides batch and real time prediction on user data on demand. It can also be utilized to perform real time data processing and generate AI result which can be connected to end-user applications over different media channels.

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