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AI Solutions for Financial Markets

When the COVID-19 outbreak became a global pandemic, financial-markets volatility hit its highest level in more than a decade, amid pervasive uncertainty over the long-term economic impact. The transformative impact of AI on all industries is indisputable. Several banks are applying machine learning (ML) to enhance traditional models—for example, by calibrating parameters more efficiently.


Advance financial monitoring

Monitor financial transactions in real time powered with state-of-art algorithms designed by top data scientists to detect hidden patterns to identify complex fraud.


Capital Optimization

Find the best initial margin reducing trades by analyzing past data and apply the insights to testing models for evaluating risk models and achieve better capital optimization.


Trading & Investments

Using natural language processing, these technologies are capable of sifting through complex datasets and extracting meaningful insights from data in a matter of seconds.


Sentiment Analysis

Analyze market sentiments and mentions of companies that are in an investor’s portfolio whether in the news or on social media.


Cross-selling and Upselling

Drive optimal strategies for Cross-selling and Upselling. Manage campaign output, capture signals and improve CX driven by data insights.


Attrition Management

Uncover issues that drive both dissatisfaction and churn with AI powered preemptive client engagement. Organizations can identify clients at high risk of attrition by learning from examples of clients that have closed or moved accounts in the past.

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